Our Mission
Move first, Move fast Melivita was founded with a simple belief - to provide world-class services. Our mission stems from the belief that consumer experience is critical to our success.

Multiple ties Team Melivita strives to create multiple relationships with the globe. To do that Melivita commanders and strategists wear multiple hats, think disruption, and reinvent themselves every week.

Continuous innovation
Being in a dramatically-changing business-the internet-amounts to: act granular, think big. Our customers are just joining the digital revolution. So, we must keep anticipating their preferences through meticulous work, continuous innovation, and consistency in quality.

Where ideas live
At Melivita, ideas rarely die, because we vehemently believe in the freedom to disagree..We believe in keeping the floodgates of ideation open all the time. We are not subsumed by it, we generously give every idea enough gestation-time even if it means forking out time from our daily work.

Leadership Message
Innovation remains a key focus for companies seeking to spur growth. The emergence of “Collaborative Innovation”, amongst a network of companies that helps, solicit and harness external talent, expertise, and ideas worldwide; identify and capture global collaborative opportunities; and maximize profitability through new ventures. The aim is to establish mutually beneficial relationships through which new products and services are developed. In short, firms increasingly seek superior performance in innovation through collaboration.
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